Big Exam? Try Studying With These Nootropics

Big Exam? Try Studying With These Nootropics

We’ve always been told that if we want to get anywhere in life, not only do we need to go to college, but we have to do well. In order to do that, we’re going to have to take exams and there will certainly be some late night study sessions in our future.


Unfortunately, those late night study sessions may not always be worth it because when we get tired, our brains are less likely to retain the information.

Nootropics For Studying

There are some nootropics that are perfect for helping you make the most of your studying. Here are some of the best nootropics to help you study, retain the information, and remember what you’ve learned!

Oxiracetam - 400 mg x 3 Per Day

Oxiracetam is going to increase how your left brain functions. This means you’ll be able to process logic, analysis and facts much easier. Also, it since it promotes the ability to think logically, it’ll be a great help for those studying number based concepts.

Modafinil - 100 To 200 mg x 1 Per Day

Modafinil is usually only accessible if you have a prescription and is going to give you similar effects that you’d get if you took Adderall.


However, if you are able to get your doctor to prescribe this to you, it will increase the production of hypocretin, which is the neurotransmitter that is going to give you more energy and help you feel more alert.

Adrafinil - 150 to 300 mg x 1 Per Day

Adrafinil is actually the precursor to modafinil, meaning it will convert to modafinil once it’s processed through the liver. Both of these are good options, but you aren’t going to need a prescription to obtain this one. Both Adrafinil and Modafinil will help you concentrate, focus, and improves memory.

L-Theanine - 200 mg x 1 Per Day

This is an amino acid that is going to help you relax so you are stressed out while studying. If you drink coffee or pair this with caffeine tablets, you’ll find that you’ll be able to focus much better on the material without getting the jitters that are normally associated with too much caffeine.


Also, if you have trouble sleeping, you can take one of these before bed. It’ll help you wake up the next morning without feeling fatigued and you’ll be in a better mood.

Bacopa Monniera - 300 mg x 1 Per Day

When you need to improve your alertness so you can plow through your mountain of notes, Bacopa Monniera is going to make studying a little easier without feeling tired.

If you do decide to take this supplement, it’s going to take a few months to show any improvements if you take it alone. If you want to see the effects ASAP, you’ll want to stack this with another racetam.

Aniracetam - 750 mg x 1 Per Day

If you’re taking an exam where you need to be creative (like for an art project, creative writing class, and the like), this will help your creativity flow freely. If you like being creative, even if not for exams, then you might want to consider taking this when you want create something brilliant.

5 Tips For Studying With Nootropics

Now that we know what kind of nootropics will help you study, here are some tips that will prepare you for your exams.

Don’t Expect Miracles Over Night

It’s understandable that when you take nootropics to help you study, you want to feel the effects immediately. As much as we’d like for that to happen, it isn’t going to work that way. Some nootropics will require some time to become effective.

Find A Stack That Works For You

Some nootropics will work better for you than others. The trick is if something doesn’t work for you, don’t give up on them all together. Be willing to experiment with dosages, but also with different stacks.

There’s no sure fire way to guarantee the stack you are using is going work for you, so you have to be open to the possibility of trying something else if one stack doesn’t work for you.

Studying With Nootropics

Stay Nourished And Hydrated

Taking nootropics is basically “hacking” your brain to work more efficiently than it would normally.

When you’re studying, you’re probably going to take stacks that are designed to let you focus on studying--so much that sometimes you may forget to eat or drink. Have a bottle of water and snacks nearby for you to nosh on.

Walk Around

While your stack may give you supreme focus and you feel like you can take on the world, you don’t want to stay hunched over your work for hours and hours with no break.

Set the alarm on your phone for 45 to 60 minutes. When it goes off, get up, stretch and walk around, even if only for a couple minutes. This will help keep your blood flowing and boost your cognitive functions.

Walk around

Take A Break From Studying (And Nootropics)

Like anything else you do on a daily basis, you’re going to build up a tolerance, which means you’ll have to increase the dosage for you to feel the desired effects.

Instead of cramming all the time and taking nootropics, why not take a break from studying for a day or two? That brief time will allow your body to reset and when you go back to studying, you’ll find the information (and your stack) will stick much easier.

Final Thoughts

Studying is never fun and sometimes it feels like no matter how much you do it, nothing sticks.

When you incorporate nootropics into your study routine, you might find that you’ll be able to retain and understand the information, you’ll be able to focus on your notes, and you’ll even be able to remember and recall the material when test day comes.

We aren’t saying nootropics is going to help you ace your exams, but they may be able to help!





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