CFS Sufferers Could Benefit From Nootropics!

CFS Sufferers Could Benefit From Nootropics

We’ve all had those days where we just don’t want to do anything, so we’ll stay in bed or lounge on the couch. By the next day, we’re up and we’re feeling fine. However, there are some people who suffer from CFS--chronic fatigue syndrome.


What, Exactly, Is CFS?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is much more than feeling tired. It’s a debilitating disorder that doesn’t go away with any amount of rest.

What’s frustrating for those who have CFS is that the reason for this extreme fatigue cannot be explained by any hidden medical reasons. It’s also quite frustrating because there doesn’t seem to be any clear causes, either.

Researchers have some ideas that range from viruses (although there is no one exact type of infection), weak immune systems, stress, and even a hormonal imbalance causes CFS, or some combination of the aforementioned.

There is some belief that some patients are just genetically inclined to develop the condition.

Symptoms Of Cfs

The symptoms of CFS tends to vary depending on the individual and how badly they are afflicted.

As the name suggests, the most common symptom is fatigue that is so severe, it can disrupt your day to day life. In order for CFS to be diagnosed, a person must be fatigued for approximately six months (or more) and the fatigue is not curable with rest.

Symptoms Of Cfs

Also, to be diagnosed with the condition, you will need to have four other symptoms:

  • Loss of memory or concentration
  • Feeling unrefreshed after a night’s sleep
  • Chronic insomnia (and other sleep disorders)
  • Muscle pain
  • Frequent headaches
  • Frequent headaches
  • Tender and swollen lymph nodes in your neck and armpits

The afflicted can sometimes experience severe fatigue after participating in a physical activity or engage in challenging mental activities. Fatigue from these situations can last longer than 24 hours after participating in the activity.

Sometimes CFS sufferers will go through cycles where they feel good and then feel horrible. In some instances, the symptoms can disappear altogether and then come back. Because of this erratic cycle, it can be difficult to manage the symptoms.

How Is Cfs Treated?

CFS affects people differently, so there is no magic pill or treatment that will make the symptoms go away. Your treatment is going to be custom fit for your specific range of symptoms.

However, medically speaking, your doctor could give you prescriptions for antidepressants or sleeping medication. You may also be recommended to do prolonged treatment such as:

Avoid overexerting yourself when you’re feeling good. Be mindful to keep your activity level on an even level so that you don’t have bad days sooner.


Engage in graded exercise by starting off slowly. If you normally live a sedentary life, you’ll want to start with stretching exercises for just a few minutes per day.

Slowly increase the activity level over the course of several weeks or even months. Keep in mind if you feel exhausted the next day, you’re progressing too quickly.

Talk to a Psychologist, as they can help you change the way you look at your life. Your counselor can help you figure out a work around for some of the road blocks that CFS throws in your way. When you feel more in control and not a prisoner to CFS, you may find that you’re less fatigued.

Nootropics And CFS

If you don’t want to be prescribed antidepressants or sleep medication, you might be happy to discover that nootropics can help you manage your symptoms because the nootropics will perform one (or all three) of these functions:

  • Increase beneficial neurochmical levels like neurotransmitters, enzymes and hormones
  • Improve the oxygen supply to the brain
  • Stimulate nerve growth

In many ways, nootropics can be like an on-switch for your brain. They can provide you with more energy, enhanced ability to focus, lift your spirits, and much more.

It’s worth noting that before you take any nootropic, you have to be prepared to experiment with dosages and the like to figure out what works best for you.

What Nootropics Work For CFS Treatments

When you feel fatigued, you’re going to want to use supplements that are going to improve your energy, and there are numerous natural nootropics that provide a stimulant effect.

The most common stimulating nootropic is piracetam. This can improve cognition, enhance memory, and increase your overall performance. If you want to try piracetam, you will have to check with the legality of the nootropic.

For CFS Treatments

Some countries will require a doctor’s prescription in order to obtain it, while other countries allows you to get it over the counter.

Another nootropic you could try is phenylpiracetam, also known as Phenotropil. This drug is mainly used in Russian clinical practice and can be used to help CFS sufferers to get back to leading a normal life. It can restore cognitive function to CFS sufferers and provide them with a general sense of well-being.

Can Nootropics Replace Your Medication?

Nootropics is a great way to boost your cognitive abilities and help you do the things you want to do without feeling exhausted.

We recommend that you consult your doctor before deciding to add nootropics to your current treatment plan, or even eliminating prescription medication altogether and use the stimulating nootropics.

By talking to your doctor, they can provide you with dosage suggestions and even make suggestions of which nootropic (if any) will be best suited to treat the CFS. Your doctor may also recommend changing your diet and exercise regime, too.

It’s understandable that trying to cope and live a normal life can feel like an uphill battle that you’ll never win. But, with proper treatment and supplements, you can enjoy life again without that never-ending exhaustion.


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