Adrafinil Is In Nootropics, But What Is It And What Does It Do?

Adrafinil Is In Nootropics, But What Is It And What Does It Do?

Adranfinil is commonly found in nootropic stacks because it is able to increase how alert you are, but also how awake you feel. Adranfinil can be considered a stimulant, but it doesn’t create the sense of hyperactivity.

Instead, it just prevents you from feeling sleepy. Sounds like a great supplement for those of us who have difficulty feeling awake in the morning, doesn’t it?

Adrafinil Effective Way to Stay Alert

As much of a wonder-supplement Adranfinil may seem, there is still a lot about it that we don’t know about it. In this article, we will be discussing the facts that we do know and how it can help you.

Adranfinil Quickies

Adranfinil also goes by two other names: Olmifon or CRL-40028. This is a synthetic substance that is comprised of diphenylmethyl sulfinyl-2 acetohydroxamic acid. This substance is commonly used to help the user feel more alert and awake.

Many people confuse it with Modafinil but it’s important to know that they are not the same thing, even though it’s a prodrug for Modafinil. What this means is that when you take Adranfinil, your liver is going to metabolize it, causing higher concentrations of Modafinil that will be in your body.

There are several nootropics that are similar to Adrafinil, which include:

  • Verapamil
  • Butorphanol
  • Ketorolac Ophthalmic
  • Nystatin

The WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) has banned Adrafinil because it’s been classified as a non-specific stimulant.

Typical Dosages For Adrafinil

When you want to take Adrafinil, the ideal dosage would be between 600 to 1,200 mg. The supplement is water soluble and can be taken with water, juice, or on an empty stomach.

It’s recommended that you take it in the morning so you feel alert and awake throughout the day. If you take it in the afternoon or at night, you may experience bouts of insomnia.

adrafinil- Effective Way to Stay Alert

You don’t want to take Adrafinil on a regular basis, but instead take it when you need to meet deadlines or if you have a rough night sleeping and you need to be on top of your game the next morning.

You can also take the drug on a cyclic basis such as take it for two weeks, off a week, and repeat. This break will reduce the negative side effects on your liver.

Benefits Of Taking Adrafinil

Adrafinil creates the same benefits you’d get from taking Modafinil, but they will not be as strong. People who need to be alert and increased focus will find that taking this drug will be highly beneficial. Because this is a stimulant, you can expect to experience heightened energy levels, attention, and stamina.

Not do students find Adrafinil useful, but so do employees who put in long hours at work find this beneficial too.


You can also expect to be more productive than if you don’t take it. When you’re feeling more awake and motivated, it makes sense that you’re going to get more done. This can be beneficial for those who need to meet deadlines, who have a long to-do list, or anyone who works in a highly competitive atmosphere.

In terms of cognitive benefits, you might notice your memory has improved as well as the ability to learn and retain information.

How Long Until You Feel The Effects?

When you do take the drug, it can take anywhere from 60 minutes to 90 minutes before it starts to kick in. You can expect to experience peak performance between 2 to 4 hours after taking the drug.

So if you have a 10am exam, you might want to take it between 7am to 8am to ensure you’ll be more alert and focused.

How Long Do The Effects Last?

There has been studies that show Adrafinil’s half-life is only 1 hour, but that is quite misleading. The drug is metabolized in your liver and then converted to Modafinil, which has a half-life of 15 hours.

This means you can expect to feel the effects for as long as you’re awake just from one dose (hence why it’s ideal to take the drug in the morning, rather than later in the day).

Possible Side Effects From Taking Adrafinil 

Like other stimulants, Adrafinil may have some negative side effects such as:

  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability

If you suffer from heart conditions, you shouldn’t take Adrafinil unless you’ve consulted your doctor because it could increase your chances of heart complications. Also, if you take Adrafinil for an extended period of time, your liver may have some problems due to buildup of enzymes.

Adrafinil And Nootropics

Adrafinil is great on its own, but when it is taken with other nootropics, it can increase the potency and you’ll experience greater effects. Let’s take a look at popular nootropic stacks that include Adrafinil.


Adrafinil And Noopept

This stack is a popular stack for those who will be doing mental work where you have to stay focused and alert for long periods of time.

Recommended Dosages:

  • 150 mg Adrafinil
  • 10 mg Noopept

Adrafinil And Caffeine

This is another common stack that will promote wakefulness and the caffeine will prevent you from feeling sleepy. This is a good stack for those who need to be up for long periods of time, like if you’re working overtime and you need to be alert.

Recommended Dosages:

  • 250 mg Adrafinil
  • 200mg Caffeine

The Ultimate Stack When You Need To Study

If you have to study for a big exam, you’re probably going to be pulling a few all-nighters studying. Adrafinil is great on its own, but you can maximize your time studying by combining (also referred to as “stacking” it with other nootropics:

  • Adrafinil: wakefulness - 150 mg
  • Caffeine: to reduce sleepiness - 150 mg
  • Pramiracetam: improved choline uptake and enhanced memory recall - 100 mg
  • L-Theanine: to reduce stress and anxiety - 50 mg

Final Thoughts

Adrafinil is a great way to increase your ability to feel awake and more alert. This drug can be very useful for those who work mentally challenging careers and you need that boost if you had a rough night sleeping.

It is important that you start off low with your dosages if you’re new to taking Adrafinil or any other nootropic until you know how your body will react to the stimulant. Also, always stay hydrated so you don’t get headaches or dizzy spells.





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